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Why Can Your Dermatologist Detect Your Heart Problem At First? Find Out How

If heart problems are not treated on time they can develop into severe conditions resultantly into cardiac arrest and few patients survive cardiac arrest. To survive a cardiac arrest you must always keep an aed with you it requires no aed training and aed cost is in budget as well. Better prevention than cure. These heart problems can be first detected by your dermatologist as our skin tells us about the condition of our heart.

Changing Color of Skin

If your skin is turning blue, gray or purple skin then it is often a sign of circulatory issues. This color usually occurs on the extremities, like toes and fingers. Keep a check if your toe turns blue, without any cold, this is a sign that you may have a blocked blood vessel. This blockage means you have congenital heart disease, which is genital as your body is not circulating oxygen-rich blood properly.

Lace on Skin

When you have a lace- or net-like pattern on the skin in blue or purple color you might have a heart disease indicating cholesterol problem. Consuming cholesterol is very essential to life; but abundance of any substance above requirement is harmful to the body and when the body has too-high levels of cholesterol, deposits are built up in the blood vessels, which block blood flow.

Yellow Rash on Skin

Cholesterol is very harmful for you, it is responsible for many diseases. If our body shows a rash that comes on suddenly looking yellow or orange in color could be a sign of diabetes just like the lacy pattern, these are a sign of plaque in the blood vessels. You should never take any sign lightly and always get yourself checked by a doctor.