Cholesterol For Your Body |

Cholesterol For Your Body

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Cholesterol Intake

Cholesterol is important for us as it plays many roles in the functioning of the body. It helps comprise the structure of our cells and produce many important hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. It aids in metabolism as well. Yet, if it becomes imbalanced it can also play a detrimental role in health.

Due to imbalanced cholesterol, The narrowing of the arteries and restriction of circulation happen that can lead to many significant concerns such as stroke, heart attack, and PAD.


Vessels blocked on passage of the brain can lead to stroke.


When blood vessels to the heart are blocked it can cause severe chest pain.


Too much low-density cholesterol can cause blockage in arteries.


Too much low-density cholesterol can lead to blood vessels blockage and can lead to peripheral artery disease.

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