Are Heart Diseases Hereditary?

Are Heart Diseases Hereditary?

Cardiac arrest, stroke, or heart attack, whatever occurs can lead to serious complications even death. They don’t need to show you major symptoms and it can happen so quickly that you’ll still be figuring out what happened. Therefore to prevent out-of-hospital cardiac arrest AED plus has been manufactured. There are different kinds of AEDs and different AED packages as well. you can get one according to your needs such as AED for school, AED for business and AED for the gym, etc.


Genetics can play an important part in influencing the risk for heart disease in many ways. Every aspect of the cardiovascular system is controlled by genes, from the strengthening of the blood vessels to the cells’ communication in the heart. Mutation in a single gene can affect the developing heart disease.


Genetic variation is responsible for changing the way a particular protein in the body works so that the body processes our cholesterol differently, which can increase the likelihood of blocked arteries. Genetic variations are passed from grandparents to parents to children in the DNA of the eggs and also sperm. That’s why The parents’ genetic code is copied into all cells of a child’s body during development.

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