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Be Prepared When Recovering From A Heart Attack

As a heart attack survivor, you are very lucky and have a lot to celebrate as well, but it also means that automatically you are at risk of having cardiac arrest or more heart attacks. Do you know that the patients who have had a heart attack are likely to die twice as much as other members of the population? This makes it necessary for you to take care of yourself more and maintain a certain lifestyle along with medication regimes and prepare for the possibility of a second attack. A cardiac patient must keep an automated external defibrillator at his side all the time as it can increase the chances of survival during a cardiac arrest. You can buy yours today from Calmed equipment, it is an online AED store and the best in the AED market that provides you with a variety of AED in California.

Recovery Time

The hospitals keep the patient after a heart attack for around 4-5 days but to recover he needs more than that. It’s only the start of his recovery process. It is a serious disease and its after-effects are severe as well. you need a slow process of months to fully recover. Your doctor may suggest to you the activities follow, exercise to do, and medications.


There are several things you may not be able to continue immediately in normal daily life, like working, driving, using alcohol, or taking stress. You need to pause these activities for a while and take care of yourself to recover quickly and fully.