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When Are Women More Prone To Heart Disease

It is not hidden from anyone that women are affected by heart disease differently from men. This is due to the difference in symptoms between them. If you or your loved one is suffering from any heart disease you must immediately buy an AED in California. Calmed are an online AED store and the best in the AED market which provides you with various options of AEDs.

Why Is It So?

In women, CVD tends to occur at an older age in women than men, according to research women, when they reach the age of 70, the age at which they are going through menopause is the age when most women have their first heart attack. Doctors suggest women start getting regular checkups after the age of 45. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders show a greater risk of Cardiovascular Disorder and heart attack. The other factors for women may include any history of heart disease or excessive smoking or drinking or maybe high blood pressure.

What You Can Do

You need to start taking care of your health as soon as you become an adult. Don’t take mild symptoms lightly. Have regular checkups to keep a check on your heart and body health.  You need to modify your lifestyle. We recommend that you develop a healthy diet and exercise which will improve your heart health, also your immune system, and you can also manage your weight better.