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40% Of Heart Attacks In Women Are Fatal

It has been scientifically proven that heart diseases affect women differently than men. Women should understand heart complications. If you or someone you love is already suffering from heart disease then you must buy AED in California. Automated External Defibrillator AED is easily available on calmed equipment, an online AED store in the AED market, providing you a wide range of AEDs to choose from.

Why Is It So?

It is more dangerous for women because the symptoms of CVD are different from men and the symptoms for women are not widely popular and are not addressed often. Women, therefore, ignore the initial symptoms and end up getting a serious disease later. It is also common that the diagnostic tests for CVD are not as precise in women as they are in men, so even the doctors realize it in the end.


All women should be aware of the symptoms of heart attack and should treat them wisely. The common symptoms are; Feeling Fatigued after doing little chores, having Trouble sleeping, after doing a minor task getting Shortness of breath, feeling  Anxiety in situations, mostly having a Racing heartbeat, while sleeping your Arms feeling weak or heavy, and also Indigestion.

Being a woman you should take care of yourself and not take these symptoms lightly. If any of these symptoms are showing up regularly you need to see the doctor and take tests.