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Do And Don’ts Of Using An AED

AED device is used to help the cardiac arrest victim to survive longer. If you’re looking for AED in California in the online AED market, calmed should be your best shot, it is an online American AED store that provides you with a variety of AEDs and AEDs packages as well. AED is a very delicate device and is used in such circumstances, therefore you must keep your AED safely. There are some do and don’ts of using AED.


You are not allowed to touch the victim while defibrillating.  This is very important as you or someone else could get shocked.

You cannot use alcohol to wipe the victim’s chest dry as we know that Alcohol is flammable and we have to give shocks to the patient later.

It is advised to stop the car to use an AED as it may not work properly in motion. Also, you cannot use AED on the wet chest of the victim, it will not work as the wet body can’t stick the pads properly.

It is advised to not use an AED on a victim who is in touch with a conductive surface. These surfaces may transfer the shock to others.

There are pediatric pads for children; you can’t use adult pads on them.

Clear the chest completely before applying the pads, pads won’t stick on anything else other than the chest.

Try to be away from gasoline or free-flowing oxygen while defibrillating.

These are simple do and don’ts you can follow to safely use AED.