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Know About AEDs In Stores

From the large number of customers passing through the doors of supermarkets, superstore every day, to the stress of buying and spending money, dealing with the crowd of people is very stressful for the heart. Most people don’t understand that these factors may lead to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), and for the survival of sudden […]

Basketball Players Can Be At Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

This is a very common concept among us that athletes are very healthy as they maintain their diet and regular exercise but do you know that athletes are more prone to sudden cardiac arrest? While many have this concept that football is a more tiring sport but the truth is the more physically demanding game […]

Energy Drinks Can Seriously Affect Your Heart

Energy drinks are popular with teenagers and people who want a power boost, to work, or to study or some athletes to work without getting tired. These drinks, containing caffeine, sugar, and other ingredients, may do more harm than good.  According to recent research, one energy drink can affect the flow of blood through the […]

Let Us Clear Some Myths About An AED

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart of the victim. The machine can detect irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) and stop it allowing a normal rhythm to resume to prevent sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  A victim needs immediate medical care immediately and if aed […]

Different Types Of Defibrillators

A person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA),  has a window of about 10 minutes to be saved. And with every passing minute their chances of survival decline by about 10%. An automated external defibrillator known as AED can easily restore a normal heart function during those critical moments, and save the victim’s life. If you’re […]