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When To Not Use An AED

AED is used on a victim of sudden cardiac arrest to save him from the potential danger of drying. It increases the chances of survival therefore one must always keep an AED with himself to prevent danger. If you’re looking for AED in California you can check Calmed, It is an online store that provides you with a variety of best AEDs at the best prices. There are several exceptions in which one can’t use an AED. Listed below.

AED Is Not Working Properly:

AEDs themselves have a wonderful ability to perform daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests to ensure readiness and let you know. You get to know if when you turn on the device, if the device shows a red indicator it means that something malfunctioned and the AED shouldn’t be used,  in normal situations your AED will indicate a green light. You must always check the expiration date on the battery and pads of AEDs. Because if it has expired components it is not safe to use.

Heart Attack:

You can’t use an AED on a victim of a heart attack because a heart attack is a cardiac issue not electronic. If you use an AED on a patient with a heart attack it may put them in more dangerous situations. You can easily distinguish between both by checking the patient, if the patient is breathing and responsive, it is a heart attack. In sudden cardiac arrest, the patient becomes unresponsive.


DNR is a “Do Not Resuscitate” order and if the patient has it, you can’t save him. It Is by law therefore you must keep it in mind.