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When Purchasing an AED, You Should Ask These Questions

The similarities between AEDs end with the term used to describe them. It is critical to understand the distinctions and how they relate to your needs while buying for an AED. The following are some questions and variables to think about while purchasing an AED.

What is the AED’s initial cost?

The price of the AED is simply one cost aspect to consider, but it is the largest initial commitment you will make. Starting at a reasonable price can help you stay within your budget.

What does the first AED price include?

Is there a soft carrying bag, pads, batteries, or a rescue equipment package included? Or what about scissors, razors, barrier masks, gloves, or washcloths? Not all deals are created equal, so check to see what is included with your AED purchase.

What is the AED’s total cost of ownership?

This is an important consideration that is frequently disregarded. How frequently must the pads and batteries be replaced? How much do they set you back? A cheaper AED may be less expensive at first, but it frequently ends up costing significantly more in the long run than other AEDs that are only slightly more expensive upfront. (The cheapest option is never the best option.)

How much will it cost to upgrade the device when new CPR/AED recommendations are issued?

The American Heart Association changes the recommendations for CPR/AED administration every four to six years. As a result, AEDs must be updated with new software. Determine if the upgrade may be done on-site at your location or whether the device must be shipped in.

What kind of pads are included with the AED?

Is the AED you’re thinking of using typical two-piece pads or a one-piece pad? Some individuals believe that AEDs with one-piece pads, such as the Zoll AED Plus, are easier to use than AEDs with two pads. They are also less expensive to replace and can last up to 5 years.

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