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Can an AED be used on someone who has a pacemaker?

To use an AED on a pacemaker patient suffering from SCA, make sure you call for aid, do CPR, and initiate a lifesaving shock once an AED is discovered.

STEP 1– CALL: Identify Cardiac Arrest and dial 911

Scene Safety: Conduct a rapid inspection of the scene to ensure that it is safe for you to assist.

Examine the victim’s responsiveness: If the sufferer is not responsive and is not breathing regularly, they may be in cardiac arrest.

Dial 911.


Begin CPR by pressing forcefully and quickly on the middle of the chest. If there are other individuals nearby, ask them to help you phone 911 and grab the AED.

STEP 3– SHOCK: When the AED Is Delivered

The following are the steps for using an AED on someone who has a pacemaker:

Turn on the AED and listen to the instructions.

Remove any clothes from the area around the patient’s chest.

Find the pacemaker. These implants are often inserted on the upper left side of the chest, below the collarbone. Surgeons may, however, put them on the right side of the chest if a pre-existing problem precludes them from doing so on the left. Visually scan both locations.

Apply the AED pads to the person’s exposed chest flesh. Check that the person’s chest is dry. Place the pads 3 cm away from the pacemaker and around the upper right side of the chest. Even though pacemakers are designed to resist shocks from AEDs, it is critical to ensure that the pads are placed far enough away from the device to avoid any dangers.

Allow the AED to examine the individual’s cardiac rhythm.

Deliver a shock (if necessary): The AED will identify whether or not the person is in cardiac arrest and whether or not a shock is required. As the AED administers a defibrillation shock, make sure no one touches the individual.

Re-analyze and do CPR. AEDs are configured by the American Heart Association’s recommendations. The current AHA guidelines recommend two minutes of CPR in between AED heart rhythm analysis intervals. Adhere to the AED’s instructions.

Continue to listen to the AED until EMS comes and assumes control of the rescue.

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