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How Excessive Belly Fat Can Lead To Heart Disease

Scientists for long have already proved that stomach fat which is also known as abdominal obesity is responsible for increasing the risk of a heart attack. According to new research excessive fat in certain areas can also lead to the risk of subsequent heart attacks. In case of heart disease, one should always keep an AED with you regardless of how much does an AED costs because it has numerous benefits. Calmed is an American aed online store where you can find a variety of AEDs.

Visceral Fat

According to Doctor Joshi, “Poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to weight gain in the form of visceral fat, which is especially dangerous as you age because it increases health risks. Frequently consuming foods and beverages high in sugar and heavy alcohol consumption may cause belly fat gain. Also, trans fat increases inflammation that may drive insulin resistance and accumulation of belly fat. A diet low in fiber and high in refined grains may also lead to increased amounts of belly fat,”

Heart Diseases

The researchers have shown that people with ideal weight only having fat around their waist are more prone to the risk of cardiac diseases such as stroke, heart attack, bypass surgery, and even death. One should always take care of themselves and their diet to get rid of such problems or keep an AED with them all the time.