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Why Keeping An First Aid Kit Is Important

To keep everyone safe, keeping a first aid kit and an AED for your house, company, and your employees is in everyone’s best interest. AEDs are now easily available in online stores such as CalMed, which is an American aed store and you don’t have to worry about how much an aed costs because Calmed provides the best packages for everyone. If you fail to provide and maintain an AED or a first aid kit that also has to meet the appropriate ANSI requirements can lead to fines from OSHA for your firm. In America, two agencies are fixed to solve such problems. As the main federal agency OSHA, inquire about your firm then decide if you need a first aid kit and then ANSI decides what kind of kit will be suitable for you. If you’re confused about both agencies, let me decide that.


It is an American government agency responsible for assuring safe working conditions by enforcing standards and setting.


It is not an American government agency but a nonprofit private organization that creates standards by consensus. They set such standards which provide safety. They do not enforce them as they don’t have any power.

All these standards are set for the safety of us. We should take care of ourselves and the people around us by keeping mandatory health care kits like an AED and a first aid kit so we don’t regret it later.