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Factors That Can Affect Your Heart Rate

We know that science is advancing in discovering the new diseases which are making AED heart popular. With this people are trying to know more about AED equipment and trying their best to take care of their heart health. An automated external defibrillator is a portable device that is used to save the life of a victim of cardiac arrest in an unpleasant situation of cardiac arrest. If you’re suffering from any heart disease, keep it with you all the time. The difference in heart rate causes sudden cardiac arrest.

Certain factors affect your heart rate and you can take care of them:

Temperature Of Air:

In high temperatures and high humidity, our heart tends to pump more blood, and pumping more blood increases the rate of pulse.

Body Position:

A person with a weak heart should be more Resting, sitting than standing, your pulse rate is usually the same all the time but when you stand for longer it may increase.


It is proven that stress and anxiety can raise the pulse rate. Your stress can increase your blood pressure level resulting in a faster heart rate.

Body size:

Not all the time but obesity can increase pulse rate more than a normal body size. That too happens due to excessive fat around the heart.

Medication Use:

We know that drugs and Meds that block your adrenaline tend to slow your pulse, while too much thyroid medication or too high of a dosage will raise it. That’s why it should be avoided for people with weaker hearts.

But prevention on your own is better therefore if you’re suffering from any kind of heart-related problem you should get an AED for yourself. If you’re looking for AED in California.