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Emergency First Response CPR & AED for First Responder

The Emergency First Response CPR & AED for first responder course teaches the fundamentals of CPR as well as how to deploy and utilize an Automated External Defibrillation (AED) in an emergency. This life-saving gadget has been shown to boost a patient’s chances of survival following a cardiac arrest by 50%.

When a person suffers from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the most crucial life-saving item for first responders (whether professional medical staff or lay-responders) to carry is an automated external defibrillator (AED). AEDs are already standard emergency medical equipment for professional and volunteer fire departments around the nation, but more are needed. Unless automated external defibrillators become standard life-saving equipment in all first responder vehicles, such as ambulances, fire engines, and police cruisers, more than 1,200 people would die each day. Aside from police officers, firemen are often the first responders to a medical emergency. To save the lives of the up to 450,000 Americans who may suffer from sudden cardiac arrest this year, emergency responders must be equipped with AEDs.

To defibrillate (shock) the heart and restore its normal rhythm, an automatic external defibrillator is required. If defibrillation is not performed within five minutes, brain damage is probable, and the longer the SCA continues, the more likely the person may die. Every minute that a person is in a sudden cardiac arrest reduces his or her odds of survival by 10%. As a result, prompt and appropriate therapy is required. AEDs must follow first responders to the site in order for this to occur.

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