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Which Is Best AED for Police?

Purchasing automated external defibrillators in quantity enables law enforcement agents to outfit each vehicle with its own defibrillation equipment. Because officers spend the majority of their time away from the station dealing with crises, each vehicle has its own emergency supplies.

The Heart Sine 350P is a low-cost option that is nonetheless packed with functionality.

Why it is perfect for Cops:

The Heart Sine 350P is the smallest and lightest AED available, weighing just 2.4 pounds and ideal for storage in tiny compartments and moving great distances at a moment’s notice. However, do not be deceived by its little size. The 350P has the greatest durability rating of any automated external defibrillator, with a durable design and an IP56 Dust and Water Rating.

Key Characteristics:

The device’s sleek design has just two buttons: one to switch it on and off, and another to deliver an electric shock. It includes auditory CPR and defibrillation teaching, as well as on-screen visual indicators for further confidence. The AED Program Manager monitors the device’s readiness, runs frequent self-tests, and notifies the user of impending expirations or operational concerns.

What is Included:

A sturdy carrying bag, a pair of AED Pads, a battery, and an industry-leading 10-year guarantee are all included with the Heart Sine 350P.

You may check out calmed equipment if you want to purchase an AED in California, particularly if you want to buy Heart Sine 350P. An online aed retailer also offers various aed bundles. Aed for business, aed for church, aed for aviation, and aed for home are all options.