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What Is the Importance of Maintenance of an AED?

When a person has a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), there is a 5-minute gap between collapse and shock during which the victim has the highest chance of surviving. Because the shock may only occur if an AED is present, all organizations must have an AED kit. However, merely possessing an AED is not enough; it must also be maintained to ensure that it is in proper operating condition and by current requirements.

The Effects of Cold Weather on an AED

The cold temperature in the winter can have a variety of effects on the operation of an AED. One method is that batteries drain more quickly in cooler temperatures. If this occurs, your AED will no longer function and will be unable to assist in an emergency. Furthermore, AED pads can freeze, rendering them unusable and preventing the victim from being shocked. Finally, if the AED is too cold, it may not function properly.

For these reasons, keep your AED in a temperature-controlled environment between 32 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Insulated AED cases are now available to guarantee that your AED continues to work correctly and is not harmed by the winter cold.

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