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Stay Safe From Peripheral Arterial Disease

Heart is the main blood-pumping organ in our body through which the blood supply of the whole body is connected therefore if there’s some blood-flowing issue anywhere in our body it may affect the heart as well. As Aed heart is getting popular if you have any history of heart disease or someone you love you must immediately get an automated external defibrillator. It acts as a lifesaver to the dying victim of cardiac arrest.

What It Is?

According to the cardiac institute of the south, “PAD is a condition that can occur when the arteries become hardened or blocked. Plaque buildup within the arteries can restrict healthy blood flow and lead to serious problems such as blood clots. The signs of PAD can range from leg pain to tingling in the feet and even coldness in an affected extremity. If left unaddressed, PAD may eventually lead to heart attack, stroke, or limb loss.”


The symptoms of this disease develop very slowly or sometimes don’t even come up at all, you can have pain that can range from mild to severe, and usually goes away after a few minutes when you rest your legs. Both legs are affected but usually, you have more pain in one. Other symptoms include hair loss on your legs and feet,  numbness or weakness in the legs, brittle, slow-growing toenails also the muscles in your legs shrink.

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