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Quarantine And Kitchen

This pandemic has lasted longer than our expectations. It has affected everything from our work, to education and even our health. We are more mentally exhausted than physically. Staying all day at home without doing physical exertion is not good for our body, especially our hearts. Aed heart is introduced for this. If at home you experience cardiac arrest you need to have aed with you to save you from an unpleasant situation. It is not even hard to get AED or AED equipment nowadays. You can easily get it from anywhere, in-store or online. If you’re one who already has a weak heart, we suggest you follow some home cooking patterns so you do some physical exertion while cooking and your heart stays healthy by eating food at home. 

Spend Your Time By Planning

Thinking and planning what you are going to do for the rest of the day is very important.  You don’t know what to do? Start by looking out for recipes. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be dull. You can look out for delicious recipes and try them and it also makes you feel good about yourself which will help you with mental peace.

Be Different

You don’t have to prepare the same foods daily, it will not be fun, you have to be creative and broaden your portfolio, you can follow a YouTube channel or dive into a new cookbook and build your recipe pool.

Use Veggies

Try to use vegetables and fruits in your recipes more than cheese and fatty stuff. This is really important for your heart. Eating fatty food builds up plaque around your heart which later is not healthy for you.

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