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Police Body Cam Captures Officers Saving Georgia Man’s Life With Automated Defibrillator

In response to dramatic police body cam footage showing the life-saving actions of two Georgia police officers after a man had a heart attack, a city council voted unanimously Thursday to have all of its police patrol cars equipped with the device the officers used to revive the man.

“It was so easy to save a life with an AED,” Canton City Clerk Susan Stanton told ABC News, referring to an automated external defibrillator. “Now, everybody is going to have them in their patrol vehicles.”

Justin Marion was in the middle of a barbell lift at a local Crossfit gym when he slumped over into unconsciousness, gym co-owner Karen Camp told ABC News.

“Everybody was standing there because no one necessarily knew what to do about it,” Camp said. “I think everybody was kind of in shock.”

Camp decided to perform CPR while responding officers were minutes away.

“I came over, checked for a pulse. He was not breathing,” Camp said. “He turned blue. I rolled him over and did CPR.”

Canton Police Officers Patrick Duncan and Jimmy Butler arrived at the gym, and their patrol car happened to be one of the few vehicles equipped with an AED. Their body cams show the frightening and intense situation unfold as they, along with Camp, coax Marion to hang in there as they attach the AED to the unresponsive man. Laying shirtless on the floor, Marion jerks from the shock of the AED. CPR is again performed by one of the officers. Marion starts to breathe.

“I don’t have any recollection of that day,” Marion told ABC News. “I spent the last three years focusing on my health, losing weight and getting in shape. This is the last thing I expected to happen to me. I thought I was doing everything right.”

Marion said doctors confirmed he suffered a heart attack and had significant heart blockage. The aircraft maintenance technician considers himself very fortunate after he said doctors told him only 10 percent of people who suffer such a heart attack survive.

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