Meditation Can Be Good For Your Heart Health

Meditation Can Be Good For Your Heart Health!

To save yourself from cardiac arrest you have to keep an AED with you all the time. Now it is very easy to find AED equipment and different kinds of AEDs such as AED plus very easily. But prevention is always better than cure. You should take care of your heart health at most. Take a good diet and most importantly do exercise, yoga, or meditation daily.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a very famous practice of mindfulness that helps us to bring mental focus, also a sense of calm, and establish a mind/body connection to practitioners. It is practiced in silence while in a comfortable, seated position with the eyes closed. Here the practitioner focuses on the inhaling and exhaling of their breath, they can also do a mental image or repetition of certain words or phrases, to quiet the mind of other thoughts and relax the body throughout the process.

How It Helps Our Heart?

Meditation helps with HRV also helps to bring down stress hormone levels and reduces blood pressure, these factors are very significant in heart health. Even doing a single meditation practice can cause a sudden and temporary drop in these things, but a regular and maintained practice can help them stay in a longer run at lower, healthier levels.

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