Man Starts Petition to Get AED's in Every Large Business After Niece Dies of SCA - California Medical Equipment

Man Starts Petition to Get AED’s in Every Large Business After Niece Dies of SCA

We encourage everyone to write to the California State House, State Senate, State Governor, and Representatives to encourage legislation (“Marissa’s Law”) requiring all large business like Lowe’s to have AED’s on site. CA State law currently only requires AED’s in gyms and public buildings. POWAY, Calif. – After the sudden death of his niece, a Poway man wants a law requiring large businesses to carry automated external defibrillators.Three weeks ago, 20-year-old Marisa Diaz was working at Lowe’s in Poway when she had a cardiac arrest and died. She leaves behind a 10-month old son.“9-11 was called and paramedics arrived in four minutes,” said Michael Courter.He said paramedics performed CPR four times, but it was too late.“They got her heart started, but it took between somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes by that time she had lost brain, her brain function,” said Courter.Diaz had a pre-existing heart condition, but her uncle wonders if her life could have been saved.“The unfortunate part is Lowe’s did not have AED present,” said Courter.According to California State Law, businesses except for gyms and public buildings are not required to carry AEDs.Courter now wants to change that. He’s started this petition at He’s proposing a law requiring large businesses to carry at least one AED on site.“They’re low cost. They cost about $1,200. They basically walk you right through it,” said Courter.Courter’s petition already has more than 1,300 signatures.In addition, he sent letters to several corporations, including Lowe’s.Karen Cobb, a spokeswoman for Lowe’s, told FOX 5:
“Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the loss of Marisa Diaz, especially her family and those who worked closely with her at Lowe’s of Poway.Mr. Courter shared his efforts with us, we are evaluating ways to enhance safety.”
There’s no telling if an AED would have saved Diaz. For those who suffer the same fate, Courter wants them to have a chance.“It’s going to be my life’s work now,” Courter said. “I’m going to get the law passed. Hopefully, it will be called Marisa’s law. I’m going to die trying.”According to, Courter’s petition will be delivered to Congressman Scott Peters and San Diego City Councilman Chris Cate. Let’s save lives together. Don’t wait: defibrillate.

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