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List of Common Useful Practices to Promote Mental and Cardiovascular Health

Cell phones, social media, internet commerce… As if that weren’t enough, there’s also the threat of a worldwide epidemic. All of these variables contribute to a permanent state of alertness, with you always concerned about what is going on around you and what your family and friends are doing. You can protect your mental health and heart by avoiding circumstances that create stress and worry. The brain is the structure that controls your behavior and the functioning of your internal organs, including your heart. Your other organs will be healthy if your brain is healthy.

Put Your Phone On Silence

When you get a text, email, or app notification, your phone sends out a signal (sound, vibration, light) that makes you aware. So your brain secretes cortisol, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which may be damaging to your mental health in large levels. Putting your phone on quiet and checking your texts and emails in little chunks may help you avoid feeling worried every time it vibrates or flashes.

Simplify Your Online Shopping

Have you ever gone shopping or looked at an online catalog and given up because you had too many options? Our brain utilizes a lot of resources (primarily water, oxygen, and glucose) to analyze possibilities and pick the optimal one. You are also assaulted with so many commercials from so many businesses that you cannot decide which is the finest. Instead of examining every choice, choose the top three that appeal to you the most. Then read reviews and make a choice. Spending less time shopping reduces tension and anxiety.

Ignore What Occurs On Social Media

Dopamine is a chemical released by the brain in pleasurable conditions. Social connection is the most pleasurable activity for humans. When you publish something and your friends respond, your brain releases dopamine. However, you may feel dissatisfied and worried if you do not get the social acknowledgment and pleasure you want. The good news is that social media is only a conduit. You may lessen your tension and anxiety by being indifferent to what occurs on social media and focusing more on what happens in real life.

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