Learn About Different Types of Cardioversion

Learn About Different Types of Cardioversion!


Cardioversion is a medical therapy that helps persons with arrhythmia regain a regular heartbeat. You can carry an AED with you all the time or you can go for Cardioversion. It is a procedure that includes administering synchronized electrical shocks to a patient with an abnormal heartbeat, most often atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter.

Cardioversion Types

Chemical or Pharmacologic CardioversionIt is the first form of cardioversion, in which drugs are used to restore the heart’s normal rhythm. When a patient’s heartbeat becomes irregular, this is frequently the first course of action, taking into account the patient’s underlying medical issues. Antiarrhythmic drugs contain chemicals that may help to restore a normal rhythm.

Electrical Cardioversion

It restores the heart’s normal pulse via energy shocks.


Synchronized cardioversions happen at a certain point in the heart’s cycle. Recognize that electric impulses govern the heartbeat, and that each segment of the cycle is unique when measured on an electrocardiogram (ECG). Synchronized cardioversion shocks are timed to minimize dangers while increasing efficacy.


When the machine reaches full charge, unsynchronized cardioversion is less subtle, requires more energy, and delivers a shock at any moment throughout the cardiac cycle. Unsynchronized cardioversion is essentially the same as defibrillation and is done when the patient does not have a pulse.You may check out calmed equipment if you want to purchase an AED in California. It is an online aed retailer that also offers various aed bundles. Aed for business, Aed for church, Aed for aviation, and Aed for home are all options.