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Did You Know That Flu Can Be Dangerous?

Out of all organs if our heart is not well our whole body is affected. And Aed heart is introduced for this. If at home you experience cardiac arrest you need to have AED with you to save you from an unpleasant situation. It is not even hard to get AED or AED equipment nowadays. You can easily get it from anywhere, in-store or online. There are some diseases which have a huge impact on our heart, you’ll be shocked to know the flu is one of them.

How This Flu Affects Us?

You can’t take the flu as a joke, it is a serious illness, and not only this it makes you more susceptible to secondary illnesses of serious types such as pneumonia. Pneumonia can be very hard on the body and our cardiovascular system, in particular, it can reduce our oxygen levels and makes our heart work harder than normal. According to some studies, a person’s heart attack risk is up to 6 times higher during the week following a flu diagnosis.

Flu Is Even More Dangerous For Cardiac Patient

Flu can be hard on anyone, but it is particularly dangerous for those people who have an existing heart condition. All of the problems, such as lowered oxygen levels, that can affect otherwise healthy patients, are even more severe for those who already have a weakened cardiovascular system

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