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AED Maintenance Should Be Taken Seriously

If you already own an AED in California we like to congratulate you on taking such a responsible decision but do you know it doesn’t end here. There is maintenance as well. Buying an AED only to hang it on the wall until you need it or until something happens and it starts giving you beeping as a warning indication is not a wise decision. You buy an AED to use in a critical situation mostly life-threatening to increases chances of survival of patient therefore if it doesn’t work on time when you need it is not only useless but also can result in loss of life and it will be your mistake as owner, AED do require regular inspection and maintenance weather it is simpler AED like Defibtech lifeline AED or Heartstart AED all AEDs need maintenance.

A guide

If as an owner of the AED, you do not keep your duty to maintain this equipment in a functional state following all the instructions recommended by the manufacturer you will have to face legal action, but more importantly, do you want your AED to harm the person? It can even do so if the device is not maintained. You can check the manual and it will guide you.

Here at Calmed if you buy AED from them you will have ease of use and free software updates, they also have a Tracking System that monitors service intervals and then advises customers in advance of their AED needing any kind of service or component replacement.