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AED in The Workplace: Setting Up an AED Program at Work

Whether your congregation has 25 or 2,500 members, your place of worship must be equipped with the finest AED for church. Consider the fact that 350,000 Americans die of abrupt cardiac arrest each year (SCA). Without prompt cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation, death will occur within minutes. That is why SCA is the biggest cause of death in the United States. If you want to buy an AED in California, especially if you want to buy specifically for business, you can check out calmed equipment. It is an online AED store that provides different AED packages as well. You can get AED for business, AED for church, AED for aviation, and AED for home as well.

What to Look for in an AED for A Church?

Certain variables will be critical when selecting an automated external defibrillator for your church. These considerations include the following:

Often, your church will lack skilled medical workers. You want an AED that is simple for a layman to use successfully, ensuring that any member of your team is capable of rising to the occasion in the event of an emergency.

While elderly Americans are more likely to have a cardiac arrest, children are also at risk. Indeed, SCA affects up to 9,500 youngsters in the United States each year. If this occurs, you will want an AED that is readily adjustable for youngsters. Children under the age of eight and weighing less than 55 pounds should never be subjected to the same intensity of shock as adults.

If your crew comprises Spanish speakers, you may want a model that is capable of switching between English and Spanish instructions.

Most churches operate on a shoestring budget, with the majority of available cash going directly to service. Keeping this in mind, you’ll want a gadget that isn’t prohibitively expensive. Between $1,200 to $1,800 might be spent on a high-quality model.