Refurbished Physio Control CR Plus AED First Responder Package


Refurbished CR Plus First Responder Package Includes:

– Refurbished CR Plus AED (4 year warranty)–BioMed Certified
– Adult Electrode Pads
– Pediatric Electrode Pads
– Lithium Battery
– Free Premium First Response kit (CM-375)
– CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker (CM-37)
– Free CalMed Inspection tag (CM-48)
– CalMed Maintenance Program
– Training video tutorial link
– Free expert consultation
– Free UPS ground shipping

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  • Warranty

    All units come with their specific warranty. In the unlikely event that something happens with your machine, the warranty offers full coverage on the machine. We will send you a new unit with a prepaid return shipping label included in the package, so you can send back the faulty machine once you receive the new one, never having to go without a Unit. No need for you to have to deal with the manufacturer, the rest is taken care of by us.

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Recertified Physio Control CR Plus:

BioMed Tested. 10 point inspection. The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED is uniquely designed for use by laypersons with little to no formal AED training. Recertified AED is ideal for both public and commercial settings where the first person to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event will often lack medical foreknowledge. Its water resistant and lightweight design, coupled with the newest ADAPTIV biphasic technology that automatically adjusts voltage based on each victim’s specific defibrillation needs, make it an optimal choice for high-traffic areas. It additionally has the capability to escalate the energy delivered to a market-leading 360 joules if necessary.

Adult Electrode Pads and Lithium battery pack:

2- year. This kit includes (1) set of replacement Physio-Control brand Quick-Pak pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes and (1) Charge Pak for the Lifepak CR+. The Lifepak CR+ requires BOTH the electrodes and battery be replaced after each use, or prior to expiration. The convenience of switching both pads and battery out at the same time is much more efficient than other units that require replacements at separate times. This kit also comes with replacement instructions and a battery discharger so you can safely dispose of Charge-Pak after the battery is drained.It is recommended to always keep one extra set of electrodes.  You can save by purchasing the LifePak Charge-Pak with (2) sets of electrodes (11403-000001) here.

Pediatric Electrode Pads:

2 year. The Physio-Control LifePak infant/child electrodes are to be used on children under the age of 8 years old or fewer than 55 pounds. These pads can be used on the Lifepak 500 Biphasic (only on units with pink input connector), Lifepak Express, Lifepak CR Plus and Lifepak 1000 AEDs.It is recommended to always have a set of infant/child pads in case of a pediatric cardiac arrest event. While pediatric cardiac events and more unlikely than adult cardiac arrest, being prepared can save a life.

Free Premium First Response kit:

Red-Includes items typically needed in a cardiac arrest event. The nylon, zippered pouch contains (1) pair of nitrile gloves, a pocket CPR mask, scissors, razor, and (2) towelettes.

CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker:

Put the sticker on the window of the cabinet for visible awareness of the AED.

Free CalMed Inspection tag:

AED Inspection Documentation Tag. Check the AED monthly to ensure the battery and pads are in-date.

CalMed Maintenance Program:

click here for details

Training video tutorial link:

click here

Free expert consultation:

Help with AED, any questions and over sight of the AED call (888) 912-2563. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST

Free UPS ground shipping:

With all US orders.


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