Refurbished Philips FRX AED First Responder Package


This AED is on a manufacture back order nationwide. We have the Refurbished Cardiac Science G3 available. 24 to 48 hour Delivery. Please click on link below:

Refurbished Cardiac Science First Responder Package Available

Refurbished Philips FRX First Responder Package Includes:

– Refurbished Philips FRX AED (4 year warranty)–BioMed Certified
– Adult Electrode Pads
– Pediatric Key
– Lithium Battery
– Free Premium First Response kit
– CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker
– Free CalMed Inspection tag
– CalMed Maintenance Program
– Training video tutorial link
– Free expert consultation
– Free UPS ground shipping

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  • Warranty

    All units come with their specific warranty. In the unlikely event that something happens with your machine, the warranty offers full coverage on the machine. We will send you a new unit with a prepaid return shipping label included in the package, so you can send back the faulty machine once you receive the new one, never having to go without a Unit. No need for you to have to deal with the manufacturer, the rest is taken care of by us.

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Recertified Philips Heartstart FRX First Responder Package:

California Medical Equipment has put together the ReCertified Philips HeartStart FRx AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) First Responder Package that is designed to serve in a variety of sudden cardiac arrest situations, from bystanders to first responders and EMT. Our ReCertified AED goes through a BioMed tested, 10 point inspection and that is why this is a great option that you can rely on. This ReCertified Philips FRx First Responder Package is reliable and simple to use with its coordinated voice instructions that walks you through CPR training in both children and adults. At 3.5 lbs it is one of the smallest and lightest weight defibrillators on the market today.
The end result is that the FRx delivers its maximum shock strength starting with the first shock. This AED delivers therapy in just 8 seconds after chest compressions. Some other devices may take 2-3 times that, possibly reducing the likelihood of shock success.

In case of a cardiac emergency time can be very precious and that is what makes this Philips FRx First Responder Package the best choice for a anytime emergency setting. The Adult Electrode pads can be used on a child as long as the pediatric key is inserted. This will save you time from having to switch out adult pads to pediatric pads

Adult Electrode Pads:

The Philips HeartStart FRx Adult SMART Pads II are made exclusively for the Philips FRx AED. The Pads are packaged in a hard plastic case which can fit inside the Philips FRx Semi-Rigid carrying case.
Always keep a spare set of pads with your AED in case they are needed in a cardiac arrest emergency.

Lithium Battery:

The low maintenance Philips HeartStart OnSite/FRx battery has a 5 year shelf life (outside of the AED) and 4 Year Guarantee (stand by mode inside the AED) from Philips Healthcare. This battery was specifically designed for the the Philips HeartStart OnSite, as well as the Philips HeartStart FRx AEDs. Philips recommends to alway have a fully charged spare battery stored with the AED.

Pediatric Key:

You don’t need to purchase a separate set of pediatric pads every two years with the Philips FRx AED.  When the Philips FRx Infant/Child key is inserted into the AED, it reduces the energy and allows you to use the adult pads on pediatric patients.  This makes the Philips FRx very cost effective to own over a long period of time.  The key can be used an unlimited amount of times and never needs to be replaced.
Make sure to get an extra set of adult electrodes as a back-up.

Free Premium First Response kit:

Red-Includes items typically needed in a cardiac arrest event. The nylon, zippered pouch contains (1) pair of nitrile gloves, a pocket CPR mask, scissors, razor, and (2) towelettes.

CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker:

Put the sticker on the window of the cabinet for visible awareness of the AED.

Free CalMed Inspection tag:

AED Inspection Documentation Tag. Check the AED monthly to ensure the battery and pads are in-date.

CalMed Maintenance Program:

click here for details

Training video tutorial link:

click here

Free expert consultation:

Help with AED, any questions and over sight of the AED call (888) 912-2563. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST

Free UPS ground shipping:

With all US orders.



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