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What Should We Know About Mitral Valve

The four valves of our heart play an essential role in circulating the blood to the body. The blood flow is divided to a particular portion of the body by these valves, and each valve passes the blood and oxygen to the amount they are accountable for. The Mitral valve flows blood from one chamber to another. If a mitral valve gets damaged due to any reason, it can cause mitral stenosis called mitral regurgitation. Severe mitral regurgitation can cause complications such as heart attack or cardiac arrest. To prevent situations like these, you should have AED all the time. Many stores and online websites offer AEDs like Defibtech, AED plus, or they also provide different AED packages like AED for business, AED for school, etc.

How To Prevent Mitral Valve Regurgitation?

When the mitral valve becomes leaky and does not close tightly, and allows the blood to flow backward; and the blood is not going where it should. Mild mitral regurgitation does not cause any problems, but severe can lead to atrial fibrillation and stroke. These are the following ways to prevent mitral regurgitation:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Keep your blood pressure at an average
  • Preventing the infection of the endocardial surfaces of the heart.
  • Get engaged with physical activities.
  • Avoid tobacco.

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