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GE MAC 2000 EKG / ECG Machine


The MAC* 2000 from GE Healthcare helps the clinician make a fast and accurate diagnosis with the power of the Marquette* 12SL analysis program. It’s the proven diagnostic support you need, in an ECG system that’s intuitive and easy to use.

The MAC 2000 increases productivity in the hospital, your practice and pharma clinical trials. It connects seamlessly with your existing environment, immediately making it easier to acquire, print, store, and transmit ECG data. It’s your link to productivity, however you need to connect.

    • Warranty

      All units come with their specific warranty. In the unlikely event that something happens with your machine, the warranty offers full coverage on the machine. We will send you a new unit with a prepaid return shipping label included in the package, so you can send back the faulty machine once you receive the new one, never having to go without a Unit. No need for you to have to deal with the manufacturer, the rest is taken care of by us.
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    GE MAC 2000 EKG / ECG Machine
    Your busy practice needs simple solutions. Equipment that simply works, every time. Technology that delivers clear, accurate data in simple ways. Intuitive tools that are simple to use. And support you can count on without question.

    • A4 and US letter paper size print out
    • Easy-to-read 7″ color display is configurable to meet your needs
    • Automatic capture of 10-second ECGs with one-touch operation
    • Connectivity and export options for easy data access and storage
    • Available in exercise testing configuration
    • Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program for clinical decision support

    Busy clinical practices need streamlined data connectivity, without the time-consuming complexity. That’s why the MAC 2000 is designed to connect seamlessly with your existing clinical systems, keeping you in touch with your data, your patients, and your practice.

    • PDF and XML export capabilities
    • Internal storage for up to 200 ECGs
    • Seamless connectivity with the CardioSoft* program—or send reports to a shared directory on a PC
    • Connectivity with LAN, Wi-Fi, serial port, modem, or SD card

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