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How Can Constant Sitting Be Harmful To You?

If you have any heart disorder, you need to keep an AED machine with you all the time. It is readily available on AED superstores also in stores online. Okay, coming back to the topic, as you read this, what are you doing? Do you want a cup of coffee? Are you taking a break from your work? You’re probably sitting down, whatever you’re doing. We understand that your feet are tired. That chair is very relaxing. So, you’re meant to stand on the subway? “Sitting is the new smoking,” as the expression goes, refers to the growing epidemic of sedentary lifestyles in the United States. Is this, however, correct? Is it so horrible for you to sit in a chair? We decided to find out.

It’s incredible how peaceful sitting can be. What’s the deal with it being so bad? When you spend too much time sitting, the following happens:

The rate of blood flow decreases. This can lead to fatty acid buildup in blood arteries, which can contribute to heart disease.

Sitting for prolonged amounts of time regularly can induce insulin resistance, leading to type 2 diabetes and obesity, two crucial heart disease risk factors.

According to a 2018 study, 82 percent of blood clots sat for much more extended periods than the remaining 18 percent.

The ability of your body to digest fats has slowed. When you sit for long periods, your body’s lipoprotein lipase synthesis (a fast-breaking enzyme) reduces by roughly 90%. When your body is unable to break down fat, it is instead stored.

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