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Choosing the Best Heart-Healthy Activity

Exercise is necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy. If you already have any underlying heart condition, then you must exercise daily and keep an AED for home with you all the time. Doctor’s recommendation will vary on personal choice, but walking is usually a good place to start because it does not require any specific equipment and can be done in your own home. If you have stairs, they are a terrific way to incorporate them.

To demonstrate how simple 20 minutes of activity may be:

Warm up by walking with your arms by your sides for five minutes, and then gradually increase your pace. When you start your 10 minutes of moderate activity, I want them to concentrate on moving their arms. In addition, each time you raise your arms, especially if you move them above the level of your heart, your heart rate will increase, making you feel warmer and maybe start to sweat.

However, keep in mind that it should not hurt. Exercise should be enjoyable, with the sensation that you are working your muscles, but there should be no pain. You can continue to move your arms throughout your cool down, but do not bring them over your heart. This will assist gradually bring your heart rate back down.

Bike riding is a fantastic option if you have joint pain. Doctors believes that stationary bikes are less daunting than treadmills for individuals who like to stay indoors — but they must be kept in locations where you spend the most time, such as the kitchen or living room. Place it where you want to use it. For example, many individuals store their workout equipment in their bedrooms, where it only serves as a clothes rack. Swimming is another wonderful choice for persons with joint pain if riding is not your thing.

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