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Avoid Diabetes at Any Cost

Is it unavoidable that if you have diabetes, you’ll have heart disease? Traditional teaching said that it was, or at the very least that it was extremely likely — if you were diagnosed with diabetes, you were immediately classified as “high risk.” Recent evidence suggests, however, that with a little effort, you can remain out of the high-risk area — even if you have diabetes. If you have any heart disorder, you need to keep an AED machine with you all the time. It is readily available on AED superstores also in stores online.

The findings are significant because they demonstrate that heart disease is not a certain conclusion when you have diabetes. Many go much farther, not only demonstrating that certain diabetics may reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke to the same levels as those without diabetes, but also providing a 5-step roadmap for doing so.

According to a recent study including over 1.6 million people, persons with diabetes had the same risk of mortality, heart attack, and stroke as those without diabetes provided five important health goals are reached.

These are the five excellent health goals:

Controlled blood sugar levels (Hemoglobin A1C 7.0%)

Blood pressure regulation (systolic 140 mm Hg, diastolic 80 mm Hg) is important.

There is no protein in the urine.

Quit Smoking.

LDL cholesterol that is good for you (LDL 97 mg/dL)

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