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AED for aviation is necessary

The American heart association reports that as many as 1,000 cardiac arrest incidents occur worldwide each year when planes are airborne. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen at any place and at any time. If you have any heart disorder, you need to keep an AED machine with you all the time. It is readily available on AED superstores also in stores online. If you want to buy an AED in California, you can check out calmed equipment. It is an online AED store that provides different AED packages as well. You can get AED for business, AED for church, AED for aviation, and AED for home as well.

Consider the following scenario: you are two hours into a trip from Canada to London. You’re feeling a little hot and suffocated, so you take a short stroll down the aisle. Before sitting down again, you perform some stretches, extend your arms above your head, and feel a pull in your left side. You fall a few seconds later. Your heart has ceased beating. You are the most recent heart, arrest victim.

While this may seem unusual, abrupt cardiac arrest is relatively prevalent among airline passengers. According to the American Heart Association, up to 1,000 cardiac arrests occur worldwide each year while aircraft are in the air. Traveling may aggravate heart issues, and aircraft are among the worst locations to undergo cardiac arrest. A victim of this occurrence has just a few minutes, not hours before their prospects of life are almost nil. The sufferer is stranded in the air and is often located far from the closest airport. The time it takes to land and get medical assistance is nearly insufficient for the victim to live.

Fortunately for American tourists, all commercial airlines in the United States are mandated to carry AEDs aboard and teach their crews how to use them. This law, enacted in 2004, increases the odds of survival for passengers who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest on board.