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You Will Live Long If Your Heart is Strong

The human heart is similar to a muscle in that the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. We should constantly make time to focus on our health and diet since we can take care of our hearts. Our heart is a powerful muscle, but it may also be fragile at times, resulting in cardiac arrest. To avoid situations like these, you should have AED all the time. Many stores and online websites offer AEDs like Defibtech, AED plus, or they also provide different AED packages like AED for business, AED for school, etc

Love Your Love Muscle

Go foods: There are things that you can eat regularly. The items in this category are always the most acceptable choice and should be consumed regularly. They are as follows Grain (whole), Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins that are good for you, Yogurt, milk, and cheese.

Slow foods: should only be consumed once or twice a week. These foods should only be consumed once or twice a week and include Grain that has been refined, Meat that is lean and ground, Cookies and pastries with a low sugar content, Honey, jelly, and mayonnaise.

Whoa Foods: should only be had once or twice a month. These meals are unhealthy and should only be consumed once or twice a month. They are as follows: Doughnuts, Candy, foods that have been fried, Meat that has been processed, Sodas, and Cookies.

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