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Unique symptoms of cardiovascular disorder(3)

In the continuation of the previous article series. As we know, AED is specially designed to save the life of a patient who suffers from cardiac arrest. AEDs around the world are now easily available. AEDs like AED plus, Zoll plus AED is easy to use for rescuers and life-saving for victims. You can now also get AED packages such as AED for business, AED for school, or your organization.

Getting a heart attack or cardiac arrest is not as dramatic as one might think. Everyone doesn’t need to experience a particular pain in the heart. There are many symptoms of cardiovascular disorder and the following are symptoms that can be the reason too.


Getting a burning sensation in your chest after You’ve just eaten a big meal is very common. It is called Heartburn, right? Probably, this pain can be caused by reduced blood flow to your heart. This condition is known as angina or you might be experiencing an actual heart attack confusing it with normal heartburn. Angina, heartburn, and heart attack, all feel very much alike. Even an experienced doctor can’t tell you right away after examining your medical history and a physical exam. That’s why you need to be careful next time you feel a burning sensation. That can be a heart attack or cardiac arrest.

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