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Travel In Summer With An AED?

As the vacation is approaching, all the people around the globe are planning where to go and how to spend their time. If you’re suffering from any cardiac disease you should remember to keep an Aed with you all the time. Aed heart is getting popular and now you can get an aed along with aed equipment easily from anywhere. If you have already decided where to go you need to keep in mind that you have to keep an AED with you all the time. Especially if you’re traveling with an elder person or a patient or someone who smokes or has High blood pressure or high blood cholesterol or Obesity.

How To Keep It With You

Not only do hot temperatures increase the likelihood of hypothermia — which can lead to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) — but weather extremes may also negatively affect the performance of your AED. AED batteries drain more quickly in hot temperatures. AEDs that are too hot may fail to operate, rendering them useless in emergency situations. The way you store your AED in the summer can make a huge difference in your AED’s rescue readiness. That is why you should always store your aed in a cool temperature. 

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