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Protect Yourself From Sun

As much as we love the sun in summers we can’t ignore heatstroke and how the sun affects our heart. When you stay in the sun for long your body starts to feel hot and fatigued. These are the early symptoms if ignored can cause great stress to your heart and can be the reason for cardiac arrest. Anywhere in the pool or near the beach, you must have an automated external defibrillator AED. It increases the chances of survival of cardiac arrest victims. And aed heart is necessary for people who are already dealing with some sort of heart disease. There are few things you can do to save yourself from heat.


Heat makes us dehydrated very quickly. It is very important to stay hydrated in summers as our body water level is already down. Take water wherever you go and drink it.


The peak heat hours are between 12-3 pm. Try to stay indoors during this time to save yourself from exposure to the sun. The sun can harm you directly during these hours.


Do you know that alcohol makes you dehydrated therefore it is strongly recommended to stay away from alcohol and booze in summers.

AED helps the cardiac arrest victim immediately. If you’re looking for AED in California you can check out calmed equipment. It is an online aed store which offers all kinds of AED and packages to choose best for you and your faculty.