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How To Use Electrode Paediatric Pads On Kids

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED’s) has different parts. One of them is electrode pads which are the most vital components of an AED. Electrode pads are used to analyze a patient’s heart rhythm and defibrillation can’t be delivered to save a life without them. These pads are so handy. They are disposable just like a sticker you can apply them to a patient’s chest. If you’re wondering how they work, they use an adhesive gel based on water that is responsible for transferring the shocks to the patient’s heart and an AED. Buy AED from any AED superstore like CalMed, they have a variety of AEDs to choose from.

How It Works

Once we have fixed the pads to the bare skin of the child the AED device itself detects the patient’s heart rhythm with an algorithm and determines if shocks are necessary or not. After discovering the need for shocks the AED will deliver a shock of energy by charging its capacitor to restart the patient’s heart. This energy is transferred by electrode pads and it completes the circuit. After necessary shocks are given it stops itself. So one can say it is both safe and reliable to use!

Be Careful

Children are sensitive. Performing CPR or using an AED one must be very careful. You can’t put too much pressure on the chest or deliver unnecessary shocks. In the case of children, it is more convenient to ask an expert to perform CPR. You should use pediatric pads which are easily available now for children.