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Common Causes of High Blood Pressure

You’re right to be concerned about your high blood pressure. For a reason, high blood pressure is known as the “silent killer.”

Although high blood pressure does not usually cause symptoms, it hurts our health. Every day in the United States, high blood pressure is the primary or contributing cause of more than 1,300 deaths. Almost every minute, someone dies. It is a leading cause of two of our most feared diseases, heart attack, and stroke, raising the risk of dementia and kidney failure. If you have any heart disorder, you need to keep an AED machine with you all the time. It is readily available on AED superstores also in stores online.

Common causes of high blood pressure.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Even moderate levels of activity can lower blood pressure and reduce the need for medications.

High Processed Foods

Eating highly processed foods, especially those high in sodium

Being Overweight

Losing 5% – 10% of your body weight can lower your blood pressure as much as or more than any medication.

Excess Alcohol

Having more than one drink per day can raise your blood pressure.

Untreated Sleep Apnea

Experts estimate that 30 to 50 percent of people with high blood pressure have sleep apnea, with the majority going untreated. If you snore, don’t feel rested when you wake up, or your partner notices you stopping breathing while sleeping, ask your doctor if you should be tested for sleep apnea.

Primary Aldosterone’s

It is a hormone problem that was once thought to be quite rare, but recent research has revealed it is relatively standard. If your blood pressure is not well controlled despite taking several medications, consult your doctor to see if high aldosterone levels cause.

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