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Refurbished Philips Heartstart FR2 AED School Package


Refurbished Philips FR2 School Package includes:

– Refurbished FR2 AED (4 year warranty)–BioMed Certified
– Adult Electrode Pads
– Pediatric Pads
– Lithium Battery
– Alarmed Cabinet
– Free 3D Sign (CM-337)
– Free Premium First Response kit (CM-375)
– CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker (CM-37)
– Free CalMed Inspection tag (CM-48)
– CalMed Maintenance Program
– Training video tutorial link
– Free expert consultation
– Free UPS ground shipping

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    • Warranty

      All units come with their specific warranty. In the unlikely event that something happens with your machine, the warranty offers full coverage on the machine. We will send you a new unit with a prepaid return shipping label included in the package, so you can send back the faulty machine once you receive the new one, never having to go without a Unit. No need for you to have to deal with the manufacturer, the rest is taken care of by us.
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    Recertified Philips Heartstart FR2:

    BioMed Tested. 10 point inspection. The HeartStart FR2 is the right choice for harsh, outdoor, or mobile use. This recertified AED combines natural sounding voice instructions that are loud and clear, with text prompts on a large, bright back-lit display. This makes it ideal if you anticipate use in noisy or poorlylit settings.

    Adult Electrode Pads: 

    Recommended for patients 8 years and older, or above 55 pounds (25 kg), are optimized for use with Philips FR2-series defibrillators. Constructed of a thin-flexible conductor sandwiched between a protective polymer backing and a hydro-gel adhesive, these pads withstand the rigors of CPR and harsh conditions. Soft, flexible and oval-shaped, HeartStart Adult AED Pads conform to body contours for ample surface contact and adhesion.

    Lithium Battery: 

    The Philips HeartStart FR-2 Non-Rechargeable Battery is made specifically for the Philips FR-2 AED and has a battery life of 5 years in the unit. Philips Healthcare warranties the battery for a full 4 years.
    Always make sure to keep a spare battery with your Philips HeartStart FR-2 in case it is possibly needed during a cardiac arrest emergency.

    Pediatric Electrode Pads:

    The Philips HearStart FR-2 Infant/Child Pads are made for children 8 years old and younger, or lighter than 55 lbs. The pads are made specifically for the Philips HeartStart FR-2 AED, and reduce the Joule count when plugged into the AED.  The pads have a shelf life of 2 years and need to be replaced after each use.
    Make sure to have a spare set of infant pads stored in your AED at all times.

    Alarmed Cabinet:

    Basic large defibrillator wall cabinet with window andalarm; measures 16″L x 14 5/8″H x 8 3/8″W.

    3D Sign:

    Transforming wall sign that can be used in three different configurations (flat, corner, triangular). Each panel measures 6 1/8″ wide by 9″ high. Total measurements at 14 7/8″ wide by 9″ high.

    Free Premium First Response kit:

    Red-Includes items typically needed in a cardiac arrest event. The nylon, zippered pouch contains (1) pair of nitrile gloves, a pocket CPR mask, scissors, razor, and (2) towelettes.

    CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker:

    Put the sticker on the window of the cabinet for visible awareness of the AED.

    Free CalMed Inspection tag:

    AED Inspection Documentation Tag. Check the AED monthly to ensure the battery and pads are in-date.

    CalMed Maintenance Program:

    click here for details

    Training video tutorial link:

    click here

    Free expert consultation:

    Help with AED, any questions and over sight of the AED call (888) 912-2563. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST

    Free UPS ground shipping:

    With all US orders.

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